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Specialized Drug Packaging:

Our Pharmacy offers different types of packaging that can be customized according to the different needs of the facilities. specialized packaging

Bubble Packaging

Our bubble packs are designed to eliminate confusion and allow facility staff to keep track of medications. The capsules and tablets for each medication are organized and placed into blisters on a card. Each card contains one medication for a specific time of the day (morning, noon, evening and bedtime). When it is time to administer medications, simply punch out the contents of the blister. They no longer have to worry about discontinued or changed medication orders, simply remove this card from the patient’s medications.

In addition, light sensitive medications are packed in amber blisters to ensure the maximum efficacy and stability of medications.

COMPLIANCE PACKAGING - packaging options ensure the patient correctly takes his or her medications. These medication options include:  Plastic Medication Boxes  Disposable Medication Box

Blister packs (bubble packs) - most commonly used packaging for solid oral medications with packaging amounts up to a 31 day supply • Multidose Packaging - consists of a small plastic bag (about 3" by 2"), generally one for each time of the day (i.e. morning, noon, evening, etc.)

DISPOSABLE SUPPLIES - everything from gloves and incontinence products to wound care and nutritional supplements

VARIETY OF DIABETIC TESTING SUPPLIES - diabetic meters, test strips, and lancets, along with pre-drawn syringes and insulin pens



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