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Q: Why is it so much sheaper to buy prescription drugs online?

It’s simple: price fixing and governmental control. The same prescription drugs that we rely on in the U.S. are cheaper to purchase everywhere else in the world. The pharmaceutical industry is fighting hard to make sure you can’t buy your medications outside U.S. borders. Prescription drugs in most other industrialized countries are cheaper by 50 percent or more.

Q: Is it safe to buy pharmaceuticals online?

Safety should always be your top priority wherever you fill your prescription. Things to verify when purchasing online:
  • The pharmacy is licensed and has a legitimate pharmacy address listed on their website
  • The pharmacy has a licensed pharmacist that reviews orders and is available for consultation
  • The pharmacy should require the original copy of a written and signed prescription from the patient’s doctor
  • The pharmacy dispenses name brand pharmaceuticals from known manufacturers
Would you expect any less from a pharmacy in your hometown?

Q: Is it illegal to import prescription drugs?

Although importation from international online pharmacies is technically illegal, the FDA has chosen to use discretion in this sensitive area. Typically, individuals are permitted to import a small (90-day) supply of prescription drugs for personal use without penalty.

Q: Will the affordable care act (Obamacare) reduce the cost of prescription drugs?

No. The price of drugs is staying the same or increasing. Some of the cost for Medicare recipients will be discounted, but your tax dollars will still subsidizing outrageous drug prices.

Q: What are my congressmen and senators doing to ease the burden of paying for prescription drugs?

There are several members of Congress including Sen. Dorgan, Sen. Kohl, Sen. McCain, and Sen. Franken who have spoken out on the issue of importation. Gov. Schweitzer from Montana has also called for the government to allow his constituents to import prescription drugs from Canada. You should call, fax, or write your representatives, congressmen and local politicians to let them know that you demand the right to buy safe and affordable medications.

Q: How do I find a legitimate online pharmacy?

There are a few options for finding and verifying licensed online pharmacies. Make sure:
  1. The pharmacy site you are reviewing is a brick and mortar, licensed pharmacy that clearly displays its business name, address, and contact information
  2. A licensed pharmacist is available to provide consultation to patients
  3. You receive assurance your personal and payment information will be kept confidential
In addition, you can find reliable information about safe and affordable online pharmacies on the following websites: PharmacyChecker.com, the Canadian International Pharmacy Association and Pharmacy Accreditation Services. These three organizations certify online pharmacies that are based outside of the U.S.

Q: How do I know the pharmaceuticals I'm buying are not counterfeit?

Be sure that you are ordering from a licensed and regulated online pharmacy. Follow our tips for choosing a safe online pharmacy to find one.

Q: Do I need a prescription from my doctor?

Absolutely. Licensed and regulated pharmacies will require an original copy of your signed prescription. If you buy from an online pharmacy that doesn’t require a prescription, you may be putting your safety at risk.

Q: Should I tell my doctor I want to buy pharmaceuticals online?

Yes. Always consult your physician when making any decisions about your health or medications.


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