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The mission of Prestige Medical, long term care pharmacy is to promote pharmacy practice in the long-term care setting by enhancing the quality of practice through education and establishment of professional and ethical standards. PMG’s staff of trained professionals in the pharmaceutical fields are able to provide real-time care, filling prescriptions more accurately and more efficiently, ensuring an all-round more pleasant and hassle free pharmacy experience for patients of long term care. Every Prestige Medical Employee understands that our success derives from our service to the people who put their pharmaceutical trust in us. It is a mission in which Prestige Pharmacy has excelled in the past and will continue to excel in the future.


Striving to provide long-term care patients with a streamlined, effective, trusted, efficient and value-for money approach to fulfilling their pharmaceutical needs and remaining focused on what matters most PEOPLE.


PMG provides a standard of service that goes far beyond that provided by other pharmacies in the field. Patients in institutional settings have special needs, they are elderly, frail, chronically ill, and can no long care for themselves. Prestige Pharmacy provides specialized services to these patients and to the facilities that care for them keeping the patients healthier and safer while helping payers control pharmaceutical costs.

Our Team: 

Our team is dedicated to efficient round-the-clock service to all of our customers & clients. Service and satisfaction are only bested by safety in the way our team handle their facilities. 


Prestige Pharmacy is located in Canton, Michigan. At our location we are staffed with the most skilled and trained industry professionals, ensuring expedited service and minimal waiting times for your delivery. Any local facility in close proximity means that the necessary medication, expertise and equipment are always close at a hand. This is an essential facet to any long term care. Inquire today and someone will contact you to schedule a consultation for Prestige to serve your facility’s needs.

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