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assisted-livingLong Term Care Division- Assisted Living

The Support You Need. The Independence You Desire.

As the needs of residents and complexity of compliance requirements are always changing, it is vital to have a partner who knows Assisted Living, inside and out. Prestige Pharmacy is a trusted long term care pharmacy that works with Assisted Living facilities to provide solutions that will elevate care giving and assist support staff in every aspect of their job.

With the ever-changing needs of residents and the complexity of managing licensure and compliance requirements, it’s important to have a partner who knows the business of Assisted Living. As a trusted senior care pharmacy provider, Prestige works with Assisted Living facilities to provide the right solution designed to enhance care giving and support staff in virtually every aspect of their work.

Helping Patients Regain Their Independence

Prestige Pharmacy provides long-term care pharmacy solutions that meet specific client needs and customer service goals 24 hour 7 days a week.
We offer several resources to help Assisted Living facilities enhance the care of their residents and the efficiency of their operations.

Our services include but not limited to:

  •  Assure that all persons administering medications are authorized according to state and federal requirements, oriented to the facility’s procedures, and have access to current information regarding medications being used within the facility, including side effects of medications, contraindications, doses, etc.  
  • Provide or obtain routine and emergency medications and biologicals in order to meet the needs of each resident. 
  • Secure all medications in a locked storage area and limit access to only authorized personnel, such as pharmacy technicians or assistants who have been delegated access to medications by the facility’s pharmacist as a function of their jobs, consistent with state or federal requirements and professional standards of practice.
  • PMG have a system to account for the receipt, usage, disposition, and reconciliation of all controlled medications.
  • PMG provide a web based portal that enables fast, easy prescription requests and refills, conflict resolution, bill access, utilization analysis, consultant reports, and a variety of resources and full records of all medications delivered to a facility.
  •  In-service education provided by licensed nurses and pharmacists to help your nurses and assistants develop insight and practical knowledge that promotes well-being within facilities. Our programs are customizable to meet your needs and range from disease state management and risk prevention to formulary management.
  • Support for Medicare Part D and have experience navigating the complicated reimbursement process.
  • In house billing means your residents and their families don’t have to worry about dealing with a third party source to get payments made


Pharmacists You Can Trust: Providing the following services to your constituents:

Our pharmacists are highly valued for their specialized knowledge of pharmaceutical care for seniors and those with chronic illness. Our pharmacists: Take responsibility for their patients’ medication-related needs

Ensure that medications are the most appropriate, effective and safe

Ensure that medications are used correctly

Identify, resolve and prevent medication-related problems that may interfere with goals of therapy asses the appropriateness and efficacy of drug therapies. Based on their findings, they may recommend alternate therapies or the discontinuation of unnecessary drugs by communicating with physicians and prescribers for optimizing the quality of care. Checks and safeguards are built into our system to ensure that each day’s medications are packaged appropriately for accuracy.

24/7 access to pharmacists and delivery services

Prescription packaging to meet the unique needs of the patient and their setting of care

Emergency medication services

Drug Utilization Review which includes screening for drug interactions, allergies and identifying potential adverse drug reactions

Patient assessment and ongoing monitoring in close collaboration with the with the facility’s interdisciplinary team 

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