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nurse heartPrestige Medical Group, through their education and training, are able to identify any serious concerns related to medication prescribing and administration practices which, when corrected, yield a positive impact on the quality of life for nursing home patients. To ensure compliance with the OBRA regulations, nursing facilities are expected to employ consultant pharmacists. Prestige Medical Group conducts monthly reviews of the drug regimen of each facility resident to determine whether the prescription drugs ordered for that individual are appropriate based on the OBRA guidelines.

Prestige Medical Group also:

1) determine that drug records for each resident are in order;
2) establish a system to record receipt and disposition of prescription drugs;
3) offer advice and instruction in all other areas of pharmacy services; and
4) report any irregularities they discover in a resident’s drug regimen to the attending physician and director of nursing.

Some of the potential benefits of PMG role in nursing homes are the reduction of excessive medication usage, improvement in patient quality of care, and decreased cost for medication usage. PMG may also help medical and nursing personnel significantly improve medication therapy for patients in nursing homes which, in turn, can help reduce total health care costs,

PMG benefits includes:

  • Changes resulting from fewer medications being taken,
  • More appropriate medications being prescribed, and
  • Fewer costly adverse reactions being experienced.
  • Prescription service 24/7/365
  • Time sensitive, accurate deliveries nationally
  • Toll-free telephone and fax lines to reach our pharmacists
  • Pharmacist consultants and nurse consultants to provide the best possible care
  • Custom reporting for patient and financial management
  • Customized medication packaging systems
  • A full line of products, including IV medications, enteral nutrition and medical supplies
  • Reimbursement insurance assistance
  • Patient Assistance Programs, when applicable


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